What we do

Talent Farm finds world-class talent for start-up companies, in-house design departments and established design firms. With experience spanning Europe, North America and Asia, we specialize in filling the following roles from entry-level and mid-career to executive level:

Visual Design

Graphic Design
UI Design
Art Direction
Motion Graphics Design

Product Design

Industrial Design
Product or Mechanical Engineering

User Experience Design

Design Strategy
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Design Research

Project Management & Strategy

Business Strategy
Account Planning
Digital Strategy
Project Management

How it works.Simply put: when you have a job opening, we find the right person to fill it. We encounter hundreds of creative professionals every month as part of our ongoing search for talent. Our database is full of stellar personalities with award-winning portfolios. Still, for each job we customize our search efforts to ensure that candidates we recommend will be a great match. We only present people who we are confident you will want to interview.

What to expect



When you are ready to hire with the help of outside resources we:

  • Have an in-depth discussion with you about the position and your company.
  • Sign a contract.

Once engaged we:

  • Visit your company so we understand where our candidates will be working.
  • Give you weekly progress updates.
  • Present qualified candidates for the position you asked us to fill.
  • Help set up interviews.
  • Follow-up for feedback from you and the candidate.

When you are ready to make an offer, we:

  • Speak with at least three references provided by the candidate.
  • Negotiate terms between you and the candidate.

While some companies prefer to pay a retainer for our services, we typically work for a success-based fee, which is a percentage of the hired candidate’s first year's salary.

We have filled positions in less than a week. Some have taken much longer. On average it takes about a month to get the right person. Regardless of how much time passes, we would never pressure you to hire someone who isn't right for your company. Patience and persistence have always paid off.

To get started, drop us a line.


If we present you to a company, expect us to keep your career in mind. It doesn't help anyone if we place you in a job you won't keep for long. Our goal is to place you with a company you will love and where you will grow professionally. At first, we:

  • Carefully evaluate your work and resume to see if you are a good fit for the positions we have available.
  • Meet you in person or on the phone to clarify your experience, your career goals, and the compensation you seek.
  • Describe the position in general terms to make sure it's right for you.

If everything looks good, before we present you to a company we will:

  • Give you details on the company based on our research and our meetings with folks that work there.
  • Agree it's the right fit for you.
  • Make sure we have your permission to represent you.

If all goes well, we:

  • Help set up interviews.
  • Follow-up for feedback from you and the people with whom you interviewed.
  • Negotiate terms between you and the company.
  • Survey three references you provide.

While we are paid by the company that hires our candidates, we have built our reputation on making everyone involved feel like they are making the right decision. If you want to be included in our searches, send us a note.

Our roots

We are Marta Fuentealba and Karen Myers, the principals of Talent Farm. We each bring extensive hands-on experience building creative teams. While recruiting in-house for design firms we learned in intimate detail the roles each team member plays and how they contribute to the bottom line. We efficiently plug into and enhance your company’s internal recruiting efforts. Our work inside staffing agencies has given us insight into a broad range of businesses.

We've placed candidates with dozens of companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo!, IDEO, frog design, Cisco, and Hotwire in cities including Amsterdam, Munich, Seattle, Austin, Milan, New York, Shanghai, and, of course, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marta jumped into the recruiting frenzy during the run-away harvest of the late nineties dot com boom. With a BFA from Carnegie Mellon, an MFA from Cranbrook, and a former career in cinema special effects, Marta has a keen eye for quality and detail. As Talent Farm’s Chief Finder she puts a fair chunk of each day into perusing portfolios and picking out the cream of the crop.

Given her cross-discipline experience working with artists, engineers, and designers, it’s no surprise candidates find her easy to talk to. And leveraging her connections to colleges and design studios, and her fascination with quirky blogs, clients are often surprised by whom she digs up.

A recovering ultimate frisbee player (secret weapon is a high-release forehand), coffee aficionado, and hound dog connoisseur, Marta's ultimate passion is pastry crusts filled with apples picked from her backyard.

Karen comes to Talent Farm from frog design, a global innovation consultancy where she was the company’s first-ever dedicated recruiter. While at frog design she built an international recruiting team and was instrumental in helping the company to grow from 300 to over 600 people in just four and a half years.

With a background in International Relations and Economics, and a passion for learning languages, Karen spent the first decade of her career in Asia running a team at a Swiss-based organization in Bangkok, Thailand and, later, took on an advertising sales role at a fashion trade publication in Hong Kong. After relocating to San Francisco in late 2000, she spent several years helping to win new business for boutique design firms in the Bay Area. Karen entered the realm of creative recruiting in 2003 and hasn’t looked back but she remains an avid international traveler and likes to keep her passport in her purse, just in case.


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